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"She's the psychologist? Please." He snorted, and his deadly, cold, eyes stared right through me.
"The daycare is calling, they want their babysitter back." Him adding this got my heart to thrash out of my chest. You need this job, Ashyln. Smile, sit and do your magic to this bastard.

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By: Isabella2Kind

Hades Decesare.

Ashlyn Martin

My feet tumbled down the street and I groaned when a crowd magically appeared in front of me.

Oh, thank you so much universe!

I'm already late as it is! Oh, my boss is going to kill me. And I will come back from the dead and hang myself if I lose this job.

Finally, the crowd began to move and I ran so fast that I'm pretty sure I looked like I was in a marathon.

Hands on the door handle I pushed it open and panted, "Ms.Kara I am so so sorry! I accidentally left my key card for work at home and so I hurried back.

And god you might think this is impossible but there was a jerk who stole an old woman's purse and I had to help. -"

"Mhm, and I saved Superman today, Ashyln. Who do you think you're fooling? This is the third time this week. I'm beginning to think you're not taking this job seriously." With wide eyes, my head shook rapidly.

"No! Please god no, Ms.Kara. I am taking this job seriously..." When her perfect eyebrow went up I corrected my sentence.

"I'm not taking this job seriously, but I know I'm going to be better tomorrow. I swear. Ill come in earlier and Ill leave late! I can take the hardest prisoner! Please please, please do not fire me."

She sighed but with a professional look.

"Fine. You're having a new patient which has been giving my other patients a hard time. And I expect you to be here at 6 in the morning and you better be the last person to leave this building."

My boss waved me off and I rushed to the elevator. In the elevator with a bunch of people, I pressed the button that sends me to the lowest part of the building.

The prison.

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