I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry lies-2018 stories

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I have very few regrets, but telling someone I loved them when I didn't, was the worse.

I'm Sorry

Being in a relationship is supposed to be fun and exciting. When two individuals come together and enjoy the company of each other. Creating a magical world in which you both exist, sharing laughs, hugs, cries, and kisses.

As time went on, I knew this isn't what I wanted and I told myself this was meant to be. That somehow this would work. Months went by and I could see how much you loved me.

I saw it in every stare, embrace, even when you brewed a nice cup of coffee for me. One early morning, you chose to say those three beautiful words. I Love You.

As soon as the words left your mouth, I can see how much meaning were behind them. At least on your part. Once the words left my mouth, I could not say the same meaning was behind them. Everytime you chose to say it, you truly did mean it. When I spoke the words, I knew I didn't feel it.

I am so sorry you fell in love with me. I am sorry I made you believe I loved you. I regret tossing those words around, because of fear. You deserved to know that I didn't love you.

I tolerated you in fear of being alone. I now know that me saying those words made you feel more emptier than I ever could.

I hope you find someone who can recite those three words and live true to them. I'm sorry I couldn't, which is why I chose to let you go. Leaving room for another to have the opportunity of seeing the amazing person I was blessed to have known.

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