Dark Light - Part 16
Dark Light - Part 16 fiction stories

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I spent many centuries with the t'auri. Learning things, exploring the cosmos, conquering worlds in their name. I lived among them for just over a millennia. Why? You ask? Had I abandoned earth? Had I abandoned god? The answer is no.

Dark Light - Part 16

I spent many centuries with the T'auri. Learning things, exploring the cosmos, conquering worlds in their name. I lived among them for just over a millennia.

Why? You ask? Had I abandoned earth? Had I abandoned god? The answer is no.

Technically I was a prisoner of war. I had no choice but to assist them. But I was always waiting for a chance to get back home. Although I was their prisoner they treated me with respect.

Sometimes I have to admit I would have liked to stay among them. They are very technologically advanced and life in general is much easier. However gods earth will always be my home.

They took me aboard the ship that day not only because they were impressed by my skills. But because they had wanted to study me. Apparently I gave off strange readings.

An anomalous energy signature. Not having much choice. I allowed it. It was better than the alternative. Resisting their techniques means they have to be more intrusive.

I also felt that I owed them, for having spared my life.

Before they left the earth they annexed it. Leaving stewardship to Micheal. However events there were ultimately under T'auri control.

Have you ever wondered where your industrial revolutions came from? They were timed events.

Secrets -either bartered for with or- given to you by the T'auri when and if they thought it wise to do so. Mostly anyway. I helped as best I could to keep you safe.

But I could only do so much without raising suspicion. Once I was trusted enough to fight alongside them. I gained much favour and respect and was given more and more freedom.

In general, they accepted me. It took some time and I had to prove my worth in many battles. Rising up the ranks of their military to become a general over the millennia.

I was happy living among them. I was even allowed to take the exarchs daughter as my wife. She has long blazing, blood red hair and is beautiful. An exceptional warrior.

Together we fought in many wars and took many planets.

But why? Why did I allow myself to be assimilated by an enemy so easily. The answer is that they are not truly our enemy.

If they had wanted to they could have simply cracked the earth in half and left us all to die. Believe me I've seen it happen to several worlds that were either too dangerous or too resistant.

Worlds that could not be annexed.

We -the earth- were lucky, the T'auri placed great strategic value on our beautiful blue planet. When they became aware of Jesus and what he could do it scared them.

They could not allow gods power to grow so greatly. Knowing that the earth was defended by powerful spiritual beings did not deter them from their goal. Admirable tenacity.

They planned meticulously. Infiltrating both heaven and earth using the multiverse. Sowing decent and confusion to weaken us. And attacked at exactly the right moment.

It was masterfully done really.

The T'auri have a plan you see. They want to bring peace and order to the universe. However it's no easy task and must be done carefully. Bit by bit to avoid catastrophe.

You remember the catastrophic feedback event I mentioned that could happen through the machine at the pool of destiny in the underside?

There must be a balance maintained or there is a build up of potential negativity leading to a catastrophe. The T'auri were aware of this.

They knew that evil is necessary, at least until the whole universe had been united. Why? Why is evil necessary? You might be asking. Why can't we just be left in peace?

Let me ask you this. Do you consider war to be evil? Atrocities are certainly committed during wars. Look at what happened to the millions of people during your world war 2.

War however, stimulates progress. Massively. Who would have thought that nothing stimulates progress more than the fear of death? Look at the amount of technology that came out of world war 2.

Developments in sonar, radar, rocketry, atomic physics, cryptology etc. Probably even technology that you use in your mobile phone every day was developed in response to the deaths of millions.

What if there were peace before the universe was united. What if you stamped out all crime on earth so that we could live in peace. It would be nice. For a time.

But what if another alien aggressor turns up some years later just as the T'auri did. Only this time not looking to capture but to destroy completely.

Would we still have experienced people who are used to dealing with bad situations every day? Would we be ready? You know we would not. That your peace would destroy us.

It's the catastrophic build up in the machine. To bring peace and order to the universe it must first be conquered. This is the T'auri way. And they are right.

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