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How I live through cancer

Who I was

by irongirlaj

I never wanted this

I never wanted to hurt you.

It just hit me like a train

I was stuck in the hospital

No way to find you

Until I died for a moment

And saw you

But they woke me up with a jolt

And I was back and alive

But my lungs were still shit

And they will always be

"Short term lung cancer" the doctor told me 2 years ago

I wanted to tell you before.

But I wouldn't dare to look you in the eye.

You cried when you found out.

We've been best friends since birth

And now you admitted you loved me

And I noticed I did too

But I can't lose you

I'm like a grenade. And I'm going to obviate everything in my path. I can't stop it. It breaks people. Because I'm already broken. I wanted to keep you safe

I'm sorry.

PS I love you.

Goodbye my love.

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