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irenemccormickit's eye-jeye not eye-jay ;)
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My Pocket

My Pocket

I had a penny in my pocket.

I turned it over, and over, and over. There was a certain comfort.

I added another. I think I saw it on the pavement. "Find a penny", as they say.

Rubbing them together was satisfying, calming.

They got shinier as the oxidation rubbed off.

I needed milk. Got some change. Bigger coins went into my purse. A two penny coin, though. I wondered if I could get that really shiny too.

I popped it in the pocket.

Waiting after school. Rubbing the coins together. Typical. It was raining and the teachers seemed to take ages to let the kids out.

As time passes and I another, and another.

There is a lot now.

A/N When we went through the process of getting our oldest diagnoses as Aspergers many of the stimming things made complete sense to me. I've been doing them all my life too.

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