The Bunny, The Cat & The Bunny
The Bunny, The Cat & The Bunny circus stories

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The happy life of a trio of animals @hanniecakes10

The Bunny, The Cat & The Bunny

All day long the bunny, the cat & the bunny Would scamper and play without a care in the world

One day they heard a noise in the distance What could that be?

They all proceeded to follow the noise to locate its source They were shocked to find a circus

But, not just any circus A circus filled with oddities and irregularities like you have never seen

The ringmaster saw them approach & he walked towards them He was so excited to see the trio because he had a wonderful idea

He brought out a scooter that was just their size He showed them how they too could be in circus

He taught them to ride the scooter all together They were so happy to be able to be a part of this wonderful family

People would cheer & the children would giggle each time they appeared That is how the bunny, the cat & the bunny lived happily all the rest of their days

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