9 reasons to join a shared workspace
9 reasons to join a shared workspace stories

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A Pencil version of the talk given by Hector from included.co
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9 reasons to join a shared workspace

from the animated talks given by Hector from included.co

avoid cabin fever

Working from home is great. For a while. Then you start losing your mind. Until one day you find yourself in a park going a little bit mad. Don't forget that all humans are social beings.

"hey, can you..."

It's so awesome having people you can turn to for support, advice and opinions. Whilst you could talk to yourself, it's generally frowned upon by clients and investors.

a reason to put your trousers on

Entrepreneurship has very high highs, and very low lows. Having somewhere to go, where people expect to see you, helps you get out of bed on those down days.

spaces that fit you just right

The increasing popularity of flexible workspaces means that coworking isn't just for techies anymore. There's probably a space that fits your needs perfectly. From pet friendly to yoga-centric.

running costs are shared

From electricity, to water, to internet. You're not only sharing space, but all the traditional sunk costs of running an office too. More money to put aside for more valuable expenses.

plug and play

You don't have to worry about any of the delays of setting up a traditional office. Just rock up with your computer, grab a coffee and get to work.

scale up (or down) rapidly

Whether you need extra hands for specific projects or peak seasons, you'll be able to rent desks when you need them, You don't really need empty desks for the rest of the year.

make more money

Just by being around other people doing business, you're bound to make more money through combined projects, cross-selling or just serendipity at it's best. More money = More growth

have like-minded conversations

Another benefit of surrounding yourself with people who inspire, motivate and relate to you; means you can have better discussions than: "Hey, can you watch my stuff whilst I go to the toilet?"

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