Interview with John Shahidi, "King of Social Media"
Interview with John Shahidi, "King of Social Media" stories

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John Shahidi is known as the "King of Social Media." He's worked with Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, Jr, Usain Bolt, and more! His app, Shots ( is a fun photos, video, and chat app.

Interview with John Shahidi, "King of Social Media"

John Shahidi, CEO & co-founder of Shots

One bit of social media advice I would give:

Especially guys my age (in their 30's). Don't have juvenoia. If you don’t know what that is then watch the YouTube video by vsauce. Always have to pay attention to what is new.

How we worked with celebrities like Justin Bieber & more:

We’ve always been in the business of making cool stuff. Celebrities, just like other humans are attracted to cool/fun/innovative stuff.

Our vision for <a href="">Shots</a>

Our long term goal is to be the app you go to when you’re bored and you feel so good using it that you stay and explore what all the Shots App has to offer.

To create a bully-free environment on Shots:

When anything negative happens, we lose our train of thought. It’s natural. We’ve left out features that can possibly trigger negativity so all the focus is towards the fun.

For virality, not one single thing works.

You have to build dozens of viral features inside your product to let word spread & before you start building those, you need to make sure the product is fun & feels different.

When a user develops a new habit,

they will want to tell their friends about it, so focus on helping them build a new habit.

Advice for founders in the social media space:

Don’t listen to anyone but yourself and the team you’ve built (staff, investors, board, advisors).

Don’t pay too much attention on what competitors are doing.

Every minute you spend paying attention to them is a minute you’ve taken away from putting yourself in a zone to innovate for yourself.

Enjoy the moment.

I was tell my friends that today is the greatest day of our life. Especially if you’re in the business of tech, music and film.

These 3 industries are changing so much

it’s fun to be a witness and even more fun to witness and build upon them. It’s no fun to stress because that’s when you quickly become a dinosaur.

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