Interview with Niko Bonatsos, Venture Capitalist at General Catalyst
Interview with Niko Bonatsos, Venture Capitalist at General Catalyst stories

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Niko is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life. He was an angel investor in Yik Yak and is now a Venture Partner at General Catalyst. He is involved with companies like ClassDojo, Snapchat, FlightCar, and more! Really lucky to catch him on this interview!

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Interview with Niko Bonatsos, Venture Capitalist at General Catalyst

Tell us about General Catalyst!

We are an early stage VC firm with $3bn under management, nationwide presence (offices in Cambridge, NYC & Palo Alto) & invest in consumer & enterprise IT companies. Portfolio founders = family.

Why do founders love you so much?

Do they!?! Ask them :)?. Hard for me to be objective here. Maybe, because they don’t know any better and/or I don’t pretend I know everything about their business.

What industries or ideas get you really excited right now?

Anything that can get young users talking about it, make them feel less bored, etc. would get me intrigued. Amazed with the momentum the drones space has right now too.

What would most VCs disagree with you on?

Not every SV based newco deserves to receive venture funding :)). Just kidding. Backing super successful consumer founders for their next consumer startup very rarely pays off.

What do you think most founders get wrong?

Teaming up with the wrong person(s) as co-founders. Listening and following bad advice.

Best startup advice?

You’ll be working 7/24 no matter what, but at least work on solving something that has unlimited upside potential. In the unlikely case that you get things right; you want the prize to be huge!

How should startups get your attention when raising?

Get an introduction to me from a portfolio founder; can’t say no to any of our founders.

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