How to Raise $50k+ on Indiegogo in 2 Days with Connor Young, Founder of Ample Meal
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Secrets to running a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Get Ample Meal here:

How to Raise $50k+ on Indiegogo in 2 Days with Connor Young, Founder of Ample Meal

Ample is a complete meal in a bottle

It's made from real food ingredients that has raised over $100k on Indiegogo in less than 2 weeks. Check the description below for a link to the Indiegogo campaign!

So how did we do it? Especially with no email list to start

Let's break it down!

Spend a lot on the copy for your crowdfunding page

Do the copy before the video. Make a customer profile of who your ideal customer will be and base your copy on that. After you have the wording down, it is easier to do the video.

Reach out to influencers in your niche a few months before

Get the top 50 to 100 to try out your product. Blog posts, social sharing, and testimonials that you can use for the campaign are all very important.

You want to reach 100% funded within the first 3 days

We knew we wanted $100k but set the target to $50k because it's easier to get more orders when you're 100% funded.

Get the momentum going.

On launch, get the sure things in first. Get some buys. Then go to close friends and family. Then to influencers etc. You want momentum before you blast everybody.

If your product is cheap, make more expensive tiers

We created a "life time supply" tier for $5k. The majority of our first $50k came from the life time supply tier. It got us hype and meant we needed fewer sales to hit the goal.

After it's working, put fuel on the fire.

Once your momentum is up & you hit your goal, reach out to your influencers again, hit the media, and run ads to keep the fire burning.

Good luck on your campaign!

Be sure to check out Ample Meal!

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Nice ideas and congrats to your success. Stories such as yours is fuel for motivation and inspiration. I look to make this product an item for my future efforts. I wish you and your team all the best in the world.