cotton candy kisses

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in which two people engage in a summer romance.

cotton candy kisses

by louise

burning summer heat, screams of children playing outside, the condensation of a cold glass of lemonade.

his lips were dry, so he licked them. slowly.

she was beginning to sweat on her forehead, so she wiped it off.

the two of them didn't know each other, but something said to the both of them that they would.

her hot breath fanned his cheeks as his lips worked on neck.

it was so primal that she couldn't hold her in her voice.

their lips soon connected.

their lips molded and seemed to fit perfectly, but all came to an end too soon.

they had to go their separate ways. they both had a feeling that they would probably never meet each other again, but this summer romance was a blessing to the two of them.

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aww <3