The Town
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inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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Laughed the mockingbird from its new made nest, the new day came to clothe the block again.

The Town

by Ink Spotz

Laughed the mockingbird in its new made nest,

The new day came to clothe the block again.

Bleeding red as it came over the crest,

Making everyone ready to leave their den.

Groans of the sleepy drowned in pure cotton.

High-pitched ringing joins the choir of birds.

Rays of light making the night forgotten,

In a glance inspires a thousand words.

The light revives even the darkest souls.

Curtains drawn back and lives illuminated.

Dark secrets crawling out of all the holes -

Graves beneath ground, grinning skulls elated.

While everyone masquerades about town,

They forget all those poor souls they tore down.

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