Not According To Plan (Chapter 1 Preview)
Not According To Plan (Chapter 1 Preview) humor stories

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Not According To Plan (Chapter 1 Preview)

by inkspotz

Loki was evil. He would do anything it took to get what he wanted, but this was the final straw.

Wrapped in a ruby red Asgardian robe with his blonde hair sticking up wildly in every direction, Thor slammed a fisted hand down onto the counter in the kitchen.

He glared oceanic blue daggers at the empty electric socket in front of his face; a socket that usual housed one of Thor's favorite Midgardian inventions. "LOKI!"

Thor's thunderous shout rang throughout the place, but no answer came in return. Growling slightly under his breath, he reached up a hand to throw one of the cupboards open to fetch a cup.

He had thrown it open too hard though, for as it flew open, it slammed hard into the cupboard door on the other side and splintered slightly.

He ignored the fractured state of the cupboard though as he brought out the cup and set it down. "Do not test my patience, Loki. You wouldn't -"

"Like me when I'm angry?" suggested a voice. Loki slid around the corner then with a sly grin playing on his lips.

An emerald green robe wrapped about his wiry body and his black hair possessed a slight cowlick. "Stealing a line from good ol' Bruce now are we?"

Whipping around to face Loki in the doorway, flames sprang to life in his eyes. This was Loki's way. He always found some way to press all of his buttons. "Give it back." "Give what back?"

Another growl accompanied the sound of a cup slamming into the wall behind Loki's head, shattering to pieces.

"Ohhhh…" said Loki slowly with his serpentine grin, "You mean that ol' thing? I didn't think you'd need it anymore. Besides, shouldn't you be able to whip yourself up a cup with your thunder?"

"It doesn't work like that! I need the machine!" "You're really going all prima donna over not having your Midgardian coffee machine, aren't you?"

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