Lying in Wait
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Everyone like me feels this way at, at least one point in their life.

Lying in Wait

by inkspotz

You went away one summer day when I was fully prepared to make the commitment.

I spent all summer frustrated. Angry at myself. I moped about my life with a frown.

I thought the heat that summer was what made you disappear, but even when the leaves began to change colors, you still didn't reappear.

I laid on my couch for a majority of my days; the television not even able to lift my spirits.

If anything, as the days passed without your reappearance, I started to give up on you. Everything involving you started to gather dust.

You didn't return until a year later, seeming to be bursting at the seams with things to tell me.

I shouldn't have welcomed you back so easily, but I couldn't help it all the same.

After all…

Every writer goes through this kind of pain.

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karinexistsdetunized gravity
5 months agoReply
brilliant! I loved it.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
This was a deeply thoughtful piece. I went through a forty year period of not writing. It was a huge mistake. Out of iot I learned. Just write! Great story!!! It don't gotta be good, just write.

5 months agoReply
oh my, so relatableee