Broken Hearted
Broken Hearted stories

inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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I wonder if he sees me.

Broken Hearted

by inkspotz

My heart has been broken. Taped back together over the years.

I'm stronger than I use to be, but now I wear a mask with people. If they get too close, they'll see the truth.

They'll see that, deep down, I'm still shattered; that I'm in danger of falling apart again in a heart beat.

I don't even know if I know what love looks like anymore. All the romance movies seem so cliché.

Yet, even so, I want a guy like that. I want a guy that would be willing to run blocks to reach me in time.

I want a guy who wouldn't run when he sees the scars I hide inside.

I want a guy who enjoys my quirks. I want a guy that isn't afraid to be himself around me.

I want a guy who truly loves me.

I don't know what love looks like anymore, but I have a feeling it looks like him.

I wonder if he can see me, or if to him, I'm just another face.

Like last time.

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