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ink_monster So many of my smiles are because of you
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WARNING - This is something creepy... It can cause your heartbeat to stop... proceed at your own risk...
I won't be responsible for anything...
Inspired by the story - annie96

annie you asleep?? 01:31 mcdavy no... guess u are not 01:31 either :P annie can't.. it's the wind.. 01:32 sounds like cats fighting, what's your excuse? mcdavy studying :( 01:32

annie so that's what they 01:32 call netflix now? :P mcdavy annie wtf!!! 01:32 annie not denying it? :P 01:34 mcdavy I still can't believe 01:36 what jonny did today!

annie me neither.. that boy 01:36 has issues.. annie wtf the winds so 01:36 loud.. that doesn't sound normal lol mcdavy no wind here. just 01:36 rain annie lucky you, i need my 01:37 beauty sleep :P

annie shit i think i heard 01:38 footsteps on the gravel outside mcdavy get your crazy dad 01:39 check it :P annie the fam are on a 01:39 holiday remeber? i told u this? mcdavy really? we should 01:40 hang out?

annie they really are 01:40 footsteps but something odd about them.. i should look out the window but my bed is so warm!! mcdavy sure! what if there is 01:41 someone there in your garden looking up at u XD

annie NOT FUNNY 01:42 DAVID!! mcdavy wow chill.. i am sure 01:42 it's nothing annie gonna check brb 01:42 mcdavy if there's something 01:43 strange in your neighbourhood whom are u gonna call?

annie david there's 01:45 someone in the garden!!! mcdavy what really? 01:45 annie YES, i can see the 01:45 man's back... mcdavy what's he doing? 01:46

annie he's... looking for 01:46 something? on his hand and knees in the bushes.. mcdavy haha he must be high 01:46 looking for his drugs XD annie David this is serious! 01:48 what should i do??? mcdavy he'll go away by 01:49 himself...

annie shit he's turning 01:50 around mcdavy what does he look 01:50 like? annie DAVID WTF THIS 01:51 ISN'T FUNNY mcdavy ? 01:51 annie HOW ARE U DOING 01:51 THAT?

mcdavy what are you talking 01:52 about? annie i can see you! in my 01:54 garden! how are you writing without touching the phone? look up i am by the window can't you hear me banging on it?

Part 2 coming soon...

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