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ink_monster So many of my smiles are because of you
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WARNING - This part is even more scary than part 1. It may cause heart failure... You are proceeding at your own risk...
I won't be responsible for anything...
Inspired by the story - annie96

mcdavy F annie now you're 01:54 scaring me too.. I'm definitely not in your garden. That's not me annie STOP PLAYING 01:54 AROUND. i can see your face and youre wearing that stupid football jacket you are so proud of!

mcdavy it must be someone 01:55 who looks like me.. honestly annie I'm at home. I wouldn't play around like that :) annie it has to be a friend 01:55 of yours david.. playing a sick prank.. how else could he be wearing your jacket??

mcdavy there are loads of 01:55 jackets like that! my friends don't look anything like me.. you just have me on your mind ;) annie dosen't that jacket 01:57 have your name on the back? mcdavy yeah.. 01:58

annie i can see your 02:00 freakin name!! mcdavy what 02:00 annie WHAT THE HELL IS 02:01 THIS DAVID mcdavy Annie that jackets in 02:04 my closet.. annie FU** HES SEEN ME 02:04

annie WHY IS HE SMILING 02:04 LIKE THAT? annie HES COMING!! 02:04

mcdavy CALL THE COPS!! 02:04 mcdavy ANNIE?! 02:05 mcdavy ANNIE PICK UP!! 02:07 mcdavy i've called the cops 02:12 but it'll take about half an hour

mcdavy annie u there? 02:15 annie its in the house. 02:17 can't talk. im in the closet with a knife. hard to type shaking too much mcdavy fu** hang in there 02:17 annie! do you know where he is?

annie IT. not he. the look he 02:17 gave me david.. no person can look like that.. mcdavy does it know where 02:17 you are? annie no.. i grabbed the 02:17 knife when i saw it running towards the house and got into the closet when i heard it broke in

mcdavy ok.. you'll be fine.. 02:17 annie oh god its calling 02:18 out to me annie it dosen't sound like 02:18 you david.. annie its voice is so deep.. 02:18 filling the house annie filling my head 02:18

mcdavy what is it saying 02:18 annie "come out annie" 02:19 annie "i just want to look 02:19 at you" annie have i gone mad 02:20 david? mcdavy you are stong annie 02:20 you'll get thru this!

annie it's coming up the 02:21 stairs.. but.. slowly.. irregular steps.. annie why does it look like 02:21 you david?? why you?? mcdavy i don't know annie 02:21 believe me!! annie can you make it stop? 02:21

mcdavy i would if i could i 02:22 promise you!! annie its at the end of the 02:22 hall annie david i didn't say 02:22 anything to my parents when they left.. i was listening to music.. annie is that the last time i 02:22 see them?

annie this has something to 02:23 do with you david.. only you can make it stop.. think fast.. mcdavy it might be.. because i 02:27 think about you so much.. mcdavy i think about you all 02:27 the time.. annie so stop. 02:27

mcdavy i dont know how 02:28 annie it's scraping 02:29 something on the wall.. getting closer.. please david.. mcdavy im trying so hard 02:29 annie It's slowing down. Try 02:31 harder.

annie Whatever you're 02:32 doing, it's working. annie It stopped. I can't hear 02:34 anything. mcdavy really?? don't get out 02:34 yet! stay put until the police get there!! annie What should I tell 02:34 them if he's gone?

mcdavy EVERYTHING annie 02:34 EVERTHING you told me! annie I didn't know you 02:34 felt that way for me, David :) mcdavy i am so glad it 02:35 stopped..

annie Can you come over in 02:35 the morning David? I really need to see you :) mcdavy of course annie i'll be 02:36 there annie Great! Can't wait! 02:38 mcdavy annie.... 02:40

mcdavy annie how do i know 02:42 this is you? annie went offline 02:44

Did you get when 'IT' took over?

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