Detective K-9 Quinn Case Number - 63, Dublin, Ireland (Trailer)

Detective K-9 Quinn
Case Number - 63, 
Dublin, Ireland
                        (Trailer) detective stories

ink_monster Among the Commarades S2 trailer is out!
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Trailer of Detective K-9 Quinn's adventurous 63rd case in Dublin, Ireland...

Detective K-9 Quinn Case Number - 63, Dublin, Ireland (Trailer)

"The crime rates of Dublin has gone very high, the police and detective agencies have to do something...!" "We are still unable to find the people who are behind this... But we have noticed one thing in common..."

A Commaful Original story...

"Well, we don't have any other choice left. The situation calls for Detective K-9 Quinn!" "So, my new case is in Ireland? I see..."

"We have to think the unthinkable and do the undoable to solve this case..." "You know what, The trust of INNOCENT is the LAIR'S most useful TOOL..."

"Detective K-9 Quinn is a world-class detective who has solved a lot of cases in the darkness of his hideout... No one has ever seen him nor anyone knows his real name... But his will surely be a challenge for him!" "Who are you?" "Me... I am your fate, Mr Quinn!"

"Alibi? What's that?" "I have come to the conclusion that..."

"The latest detective of 21st Century" "A collection of thrilling cases" "A psychological thrill"

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