Comma Creed (Trailer)
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An adventurous story inspired from Assassin's Creed game series coming soon... Read the trailer and sign yourself up!

Comma Creed (Trailer)

"The Padians have attacked us!" "Order an immediate civilian evacuation and send all the Commafulians ready!"

"Th... the... Commafulians will avenge us!" "Huh? Don't you see around you? I have already killed thousands of Comafulians! They are nothing in front of me and my army!"

"We are going to take our kingdom back! How many of you are with me!" "He... he... can take down all of you... ALONE!"

"Are you ready to shed all the blood running inside you?" "YES SIR!"

"We will take back our land... We will win the war... We will... Fight back!" "And now... starts our journey to freedom... Will we ever get it?"

An adventurous story of ACTION AND BETRAYAL!


For all those who read it till here, you have a chance to feature in this story! This is not actually a simulator although you may be given options to choose between.

Please fill this form if you want to participate... Name - Pronoun - Appearance - Weapon or skill - (They are given on the next pages, you can either choose one weapon or one skill...)


1. Sword You will be a close-range fighter but you would be able to take down multiple enemies at a time.

2. Double dagger You will be a very close range fighter and may be able to take several enemies at a time.

3. Bow and arrow You will be a mid-range fighter and with a lot of practice, you may be able to fight close range taking down several opponents.

4. Hidden blade You will be a close-range fighter and would be able to take down a maximum of two enemies at a time. You may be able to kill silently.

5. Throwing knives You would be able to take down a lot of enemies at a time. Close to mid-range is your speciality.

6. Guns You would be able to take down multiple opponents at a time, mid to close range.

7. Fists You are full of energy and strength and can take down a lot of enemies in a short time.


8. Speed Your movement speed will be really quick and you would be able to take down a lot of enemies in a short amount of time.

9. Intelligence You will be a quick thinker and would be able to make plans to fight and predict your enemies moves.

10. Counter Attack You would be able to predict your enemies moves and will be able to make them fall in their own traps.

11. Medicine You would be able to heal people and avoid any deaths from your team. As of fighting, you always would be carrying poisons and all so you would be able to fight.

12. Stealth You would be able to take down enemies from behind the shadows, silently...

10 people required for the story... Two people are already there... You may choose any weapon or skill but please check the comments so that you do not choose a weapon or a skill that has already been chosen.

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