Unsent and Unseen Love Stories and Lies
Unsent and Unseen Love Stories and Lies unsent stories
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indieegypt Community member
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Poem about love and lies and stars and politicians

Unsent and Unseen Love Stories and Lies

You know one day I'd like to rule outer space or the universe or maybe just be president over a star I don't know what do you think beautiful you see when I call you beautiful

I don't mean pretty even though you always will be -I might be a bit biased- but I mean your soul maybe your aura if you believe in that But honey

I kissed the stars last night and I don't know if I'd rather be with them or you I'm sorry I love you I don't even know what love means Don't feel bad remember

when I told you I wanted to rule? darling you have to understand all the best politicians lie I don't know who I love anymore sorry

~ Indie Egypt

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