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Hello Commaful! I asked you guys to send in any questions you had for me and now it's time for me to answer them!

Well Now You Know!

Hello Commaful! I asked you guys to send in any questions you had for me and now it's time for me to answer them!

1. @vkpoetry asked if I was ever going to come down to Singapore so we can collab and meet in person. Well, the thing is that I am only 15. My parents are kind of over-protective, but I would love to visit Singapore in the future. It's such a diverse place in terms of culture. So sorry about the disappointing answer! Though, I would be more than happy to collab with you in the future.

2. @salmakhatoon918 Hi! Favorite song= 'Lost Boy' by Ruth B. It's not that well-known, though you should listen to it! It's great. Though I do like artists such as Adele, Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran.

Memorable day= I know I'm meant to say the day my siblings were born and all that, but it was the day that I got surgery on my finger after a basketball accident. It really hurt!

Favorite thing about Commaful= Reading other people's work. I'm not the best writer so reading everyone else's work helps my style and vocabulary to mature. Plus, they're really good! When will I be in India? Well, I've never been there but my family is from Pakistan so we're neighbors then!

Yes, I do know Shahrukh, Salman and Amir Khan. I've seen a few movies with them in but I'm not the biggest Bollywood fan!

3. @boblong asked about people's reaction when they learn my name. If you don't know, my name's Iqra and I live in England. You can probably tell my religion from my name and home country (Pakistan.) That said, people don't mind my name. There are a lot of Iqra's everywhere in England.

In fact, when I was younger, there was another Iqra in my class, so they had to say both our surnames with our first names! Thanks for the compliment, Bob!

4. @poemsaboutlife asked why I started writing. I've been an avid writer since I was very young. You see, I wanted to be an author. That said, I use Commaful as a sort of stress relief after a bad day at school. My inspiration comes from a lot of different things: books, movies, the daily prompt, things I see on the news, etc.

My brain is constantly whirring with new ideas but most of them never even reach paper! Though, I do get writer's block from time to time...

5. @darklyloved wanted to know what my favorite series of Doctor Who. Got to be.... series 6. It's got my favorite Doctor in it, Matt Smith (no. 11) and my favorite companions, Amy and Rory. (Donna and David Tennant are a close 2nd!)

6. @debadityadutta, we only share one common author and that is Suzanne Collins. My favorite characters are Gale or Rue. I HATE Peeta. Favorite actor is Matt Smith. My perception of India is that it is a very diverse place. I know that there are a lot of languages and religions there and they are next to my home country, Pakistan!

7. @raviteja1337 My favorite place was a childhood memory. I'm not even sure if it was real. All I remember was that it was in Pakistan and it was near a waterfall. It's just really sentimental, I guess! I might try to write a piece about it...

8. @autumlove20 My favorite HP character is Dobby! He's just amazing and it was really sad when he died. Sirius is 2nd. But all of Harry Potter is amazing!

9. @silvermoon asked me if I ride horses. Sorry, but I don't. Where I'm from, there is hardly any open space. But I would definitely love to in the future.

So, that was the last one! Sorry that this was so long, but any other questions I will answer in the comments. Hope you know a bit more about me. Thanks!

That's Iqra... OUT.

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