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Whoever made this prompt gave me the opportunity to talk my head off. XD (Or type, whatever.) Anyways, here is an update of my life and existence. I apologise in advance. :P :D <3

I Like To Talk ;)

I can do his accent pretty well in this scene. XD

So I saw the prompt and thought I should update Commaful on my existence. How lucky for you guys. ^.^ This is all just an excuse for me to talk, which I do best. So....


Heyo, I'm Iqra. (Of course, most of you knew that already. -_-) A 16 year old poet, writer, chocolate connoisseur, daydreamer, master procrastinator, Sherlockian, Whovian, 5SSOS listener, music fanatic, part of multiple fandoms, struggling IG poet and all-round lunatic. :D

Let's start with the deeeep stuff. The tea that has been stewed for too long without any milk, but still containing a heckload of sugar, of sorts. My definition of poetry and what it means to me! :D

Well, I started writing poetry when I was 8. Mostly haikus because of my teacher who taught me what they were. In high school, I hate the way they teach you poetry. You're made to dissect the hell out of literature, so it loses all meaning. The ironic thing is that that is what you are trying to look for. The meaning, the idea of the poem.

Instead, for me, poetry is about the emotion. The rush of feelings you feel when reading something beautiful or sad or whatnot. The imagery, so cleverly described, that you can see it as if it were in front of you. The poet behind the piece and what experience or memory or feeling or thought or sight that made them sit down and pour onto paper.

So that is my aim, to speak truthfully. I write for myself first and foremost, but most of my work is based on: my life, thoughts, emotions, moods, memories and the world around me.

When I see a comment that someone can relate to something I've written, honestly, I see it as an accomplishment that people can sense and understand the little piece of me that I put in each poem.

(Not really, that would be worrying. And weird.)

So my dreams for the future are:

Get my nose to be as awesome as Luke Hemmings'. (Jk. Alas, one can only dream!)

Truthfully, I want to grow better as a writer. Perhaps explore story-writing more, which is what I started with rather than poetry. My ultimate dream is to travel the world. And to buy a camera. I've always been interested in photography but haven't had the means to start exploring it.

The money for that would probably come from the career I dream to have, (again, one can only dream), of being a poet and writer that is able to support themselves financially through their life. But honestly, as long as I can keep writing, I don't care and nor do I mind.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist as another of my passions is history. That'll do too. ;)

Time for a quick breather and on to some lighter facts. :D

So, my name's Iqra. It means 'read' in Arabic, which is pretty ironic as I love reading. Fave books: Little Women, Wuthering Heights, anything on my Kindle and the Harry Potter series.

I have an obsession with oranges, I could (and have) eat a crate-full. Also, I am very, very scared of parrots. My uncle keeps them and once when I was about 5, he let one fly in the room when I as at his house. There goes my rationality. If you think I'm crazy, blame my uncle and that incident of '08. *shudders*

Horoscopes! I don't know if I believe they are true as such, but they always interest me. Mine for today is: 'One of the people you'll be with today understands you very well. You share common goals, and the two of you can help each other reach them faster than each of you could alone.

This is not the time to go solo with your projects—teamwork is the way to make it happen. There is a real possibility for synergy with this other person if you can keep focused on the task at hand. There will be time for having fun with later, so save the silly energy for another day.'

'Because this is a bit of an emotional day for you, you are thinking more of love than of work today probably. Put your energy towards where the intuitive vibes are sending you today, Taurus. When your heart is in the right place today, you can’t lose.' So if this person is you, then PM me. XD

The worst injury I've ever got was when I broke my pinkie in three places after a particularly rough basketball match. I was aiming for the basket, the ball was whacked out of my hand and it fricking hurt. Yet stupid ol' me kept playing for another 2 matches. I still ask myself why. -_-

So I had surgery on it and now, it has two metal pins that have to stay in there... FOREVER. XD The basketball incident of '16.... We won the tournament though. ^.^

You can just about see the scar in the bad lighting, apologies. :P But it's always a good conversation starter. XD

Music! I think music and songwriting is very similar to poetry and writing in the sense that both try to get something across to their listeners/readers. Therefore, music also plays a large part in my life.

If you haven't already noticed, my favourite artists are 5SOS! (5 Seconds Of Summer.) They are sometimes underappreciated as most still remember them as the typical boy band. However, their music has since branched out to interesting new scopes and as people, they are very awesome.

They speak about mental health to a mostly, (but not limited to) young demographic, and even run a charity to help spread awareness and bring in donations, (called Friends of Friends. You guys should check it out.) Also, their music is awesome, of course ahaha.

Took me ages to find a picture that could include all of them at the same time. XD

I also like other artists such as Billie Eilish, Freya Ridings, Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis and Ed Sheeran. Some of my favourite songs are in the comments if you want to check them out. (They change pretty regularly. :P)

So that is it! I could write a whole load more. Only joking, I think that is all I have that is interesting about me. I don't know if anyone read right to the end, (love ya if you did. Do what @bruvton did once, maybe drop a little 'Geronimo' or something in the comments so I can see who listened to my mindless babble. XD)

And if you did, then you're...

Jk, you all are. <3 Mr Luke Hemmings, people. *claps* Love ya guys! Any more questions, I'll answer them in the comments. :D

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