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My hands are bound, my mouth is forced shut, as I am paraded around, like a caged animal.
(A poem and narrative inspired by today's prompt: anxiety and a message on human trafficking.) *May be triggering*


My hands are bound, my mouth is forced shut, as I am paraded around, like a caged animal. They stare at me, some leering, some ignoring, ignorant, oblivious to my current state.

Our fate unknown- anxiety bubbles in my blood, it rushes through me like a force unknown. Unwelcome in this troubling time but the only feeling I have, so I hold on to it.

I am dressed to impress, wearing a flowing dress, Not just me, but many others stand here too. All waiting for a fate worse than death- being sold as a possession, not knowing to who.

... So I was reading a book yesterday. It's called 'You Loved Me at My Darkest' by Evie Harper. (Please read it, by the way.)

Where can I start?... If you haven't read it before, it's about a girl called Lily who, along with her sister, Sasha, are kidnapped in order for them to be sold as sex slaves.

It has a troubling romance running through it, so it can be described as a romantic suspense- I guess it's the only category it fits into. It made me cry.

The cruel fate women especially are put into- the feelings Lily felt almost jumped off the page, they were that intense. I applaud Evie Harper for this brutally honest book, and for her touching writing skills.

Lily is dressed up and paraded in front of willing buyers at an auction, just like in my poem. Sasha, her sister, is forced to work as a slave and be physically, sexually, and mentally assaulted as she awaits a buyer. So I wrote a poem about it.

So the thing that I want you to take away from this is: women are not possessions. We are human beings. We breathe, eat and live. We are certainly not the weaker sex. We are not possessions.

Please read the book and spread the message. Let's bring the trafficking empire down.

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