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A post about racism and recent events, with a message at the end. Please read it! Much love to you guys, and please check out the links in the comments! (Will regularly update the list!) <3


The country is burning

and the fire is out of your hands.

We wear it on our skin,

proud like amulets,

crowns of feathers because

deeper than the city streets go,

the lifeblood that stews in passion

is ours.

This is history in the making,

this is when you run your palms over us

and flesh has never felt as real.

This is loud,


pick up a map

and the paper falls apart into one pile,

never having looked so far

but together,

deep under our nails.

This is history in the making,

now tell me,

when the time comes,

where will you stand?


Whoops! Forgot to mention: If you tolerate/approve of/ are racist are in any shape, form or manner, (be it to black people or others), please don't hesitate in unfollowing me. Actually, if you are sexist or homophobic too.

I appreciate everyone has their own opinion but if you fail to see humanity, then I'm sorry, I have no words to say to you. Please use this post as a place of discussion if you wish to, but any hate comments will be immediately reported. I have no patience for hatred when the world needs all the help it can get.

To end this long post positively, here's a quote. #blacklivesmatter Much love xxx

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