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Am I to blame if I hurt? Alone, shielded, introvert.
(Poem and narrative inspired by today's prompt: blame and World Mental Health Day 2018. *May be triggering*) Spread the message.


Am I to blame if I hurt? Alone, shielded, introvert. Words you assign to me, help that you deny me.

It's all my brain, isn't it? Lies that I have been spoon-fed, forced upon me, please stop. Will I get better? Will you help?

Anxiety, depression, addiction. Labels and labels, endless. But you can't define it, if I can't stop it.

I am not to blame, life is. It messed me up, added to my insecurities. Now I'm broken.

But it isn't my fault. I'm not to blame.

... (Fictional Poem) Today, (10th October), it is World Mental Health Day. (The images after this slide are from Check it out.)

It's a day for educating and making people aware of what most of us have to go through every day. The internal struggle that you can't usually see.

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

That's one billion seven hundred and fifty million people battling against negative thoughts daily. Take a moment to consider that number. Does it shock you?

At school, we are constantly reminded that if we need someone to talk to, we have our teachers or friends.

So what I want you to take away from this is: if you need help, or even someone to talk to, you have us. The 'Commafullers', (it's the best name I had!) Please, don't stay silent.

Be more considerate. If you see someone is hurting, help them. Talk to them. Give them a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold. Spread the word.

That's Iqra....... OUT.

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