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A poem about how much society values hair as a symbol. Thank you! <3

another family member

Backstory: For the past year or so, I've always been self-concious at how much my hair has been thinning and have recieved a lot of comments from family members on how bad it can look somedays.

But it didn't really affect me that much because I wear a hijab, so it's always covered. ^^ This is a poem about how much society values hair as a symbol of beauty and how 'catastrophic' it is, (note the sarcasm) when someone has less of it.

Also, I really hate it when people say that women should have long hair, men should have short and so on. It's personal preference! Let people decide for themselves. (Another inspiration behind this poem :P)

Thank you! xx (and sorry for posting it on one slide, I'm too tired to format anything *sigh*)

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