A-Z (Challenge set by @tokumei)

(Challenge set by @tokumei) @tokumei stories

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Things I love:
A challenge set by @tokumei. It was so fun, so please join in. (Warning: contains signs of HP. :D)

A-Z (Challenge set by @tokumei)

Things I love:

Animals (the cuddlier the better!) Bananas (my favorite fruit and the Minions favorite word.) Commaful (basically my life right now.) Doctor Who (If you don't know what it is, it's a British Show. Love Dr 11!)

Eggs (scrambled, fried eggs. I'm so hungry.) Father (I love my dad- I think he loves me back? :D) Galaxy (how small are we compared to everything that's out there???) Holidays (somewhere cold, definitely not hot. I swear I'm a vampire, I hate the sun. Watch out Bella, Iqra's here now!)

Iqra (I love myself- self-love is important!) Juice (my favorite is.... orange.) Knowledge (I can't get enough of it, I love learning.) Lifeeeeeeeeeee

Mother (my mom is amazing.) Night (my favorite time of day.) Oranges (they're so unpredictable- is it sweet or sour?) Piano (it's so relaxing and I would love to learn.)

Quizzes (one of my favorite pastimes.) Ronald Weasley (the best character in HP- just my opinion. No haters :D) Stupefy (the best HP spell!) TV (What's your favorite show? Comment below.)

Unity (we are all members of the same body.) Violins (again, I would love to play!) Willy Wonka and....(You get the idea, favorite childhood movie (that wasn't Disney!)) Xylophones (I'm trying hard here!)

Yellow (the color to bring your mood up!) And finally........ Zebras (because they're stripy and who doesn't love a good set of stripes?)

Why don't you make your own? Yes you, the one who is reading this. It was very fun! That's Iqra........... OUT.

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