Lost Charge: Prologue
Lost Charge: Prologue superhero stories

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Kind of a vanity fanfic. Based on my friend saying that Amanda tapping could play my character's mom. This is just alternate reality hijinks. Part 1

Lost Charge: Prologue

The multiverse was real, that was a hard learned fact over the past few weeks as Hightail, high powered electric speedster,

fought for her right to return home with her life alongside long standing enemy and rival Zephyr. As much as she hated that smarmy son of a bitch, the two speedsters made a good team.

Morale was low among all contestants.

They were brought here from throughout the multiverse, all supposed heroes in their own right, or their enemies, however they were found and captured by the Host's bounty hunters.

If they were going to get out of this mess she was going to have to confront the man in charge, so she proposed they stop participating. Force their hand.

It worked.

Sort of.

The host towered over the group, a lovecraftian horror, which easily dispatched Zephyr and the others with ease.

Last was her, leg impaled by some kind of glowing whip extended from the monster's palm, striking her thigh and preventing her from building speed.

The monster grabbed her by the neck and raised her up, towards some kind of energy stream.

From there, she could see everything, the ship and arena below, the ebb and flow of the multiverse, and the energy striking her form gave her, infinite possibilities.

So much, so fast that even she couldn't process it.

Then, she felt a strange sensation, she suspected it was what some people referred to as the out of body experience, but at some point, she saw herself,

dangling unconscious in the grip of that tyrant. She saw herself floating there, like a mirror image of herself, and then, at least to her perspective, reality shattered like glass.

Or perhaps it was her soul.

Either way the world went dark.

She felt nothing, sensed nothing, was nothing.

Until something reached out and pulled her out of the abyss. She saw her face only for a moment, an older woman, curly hair, robes.

She spoke in riddles, which Kylee could hardly remember anymore, but she understood her intentions. She wanted to save her, and all she needed to do was give her an answer.

She gasped awake, stumbling forward as she could feel her feet falling from under her. She caught herself and was caught by the arm of of a very large man, clad in military fatigues.

Behind her a giant ring of which she only caught a glimpse of before the shimmering surface dissipated.

Her legs felt like jelly, but she stood with the assistance of the man who caught her. He was a tall man, built like a line backer.

If her ears would stop ringing, or the world stop spinning under her, she might have managed to get a clue as to was going on.

She was vaguely aware of the soldiers turning their weapons on her in a defensive line.

A woman, in fatigues just like the other men surrounding her, came into view, her blond hair and strikingly beautiful face, a face she knew all too well.

She was able to focus on that long enough to say something before the world went dark.


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