Writing Prompt #3

             Writing Prompt #3 hayha stories

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I saw this writing prompt posted by Hayha & thought it would be pretty cool to try this out. I did something a little different though & instead of writing a story about the quotes, I put them all in my story instead. I know that was not the instructions so if this doesn't count I'm okay with that. I just wanted to have some fun with writing this. It made it easier to use my own past experiences with the quotes because they actually fit perfectly with my life. I hope you enjoy what I wrote. NF is the creator of the quotes in parenthesis as well. I don't want to take credit for those 5 lines that I didn't come up with. Thank you.

Writing Prompt #3

I have a story to tell, I hope you can follow

It's not easy being open, but it's a pill I need to swallow

"I don't do drugs, I'm addicted to the pain though"

Onward with this story, well here we go

It's a chapter of my life

2016 I thought I met my future wife

Then came the nightmare, 2020 got cut by Michael Myer's knife

I thought I was decent at math, geometry allowed me to see every angle

What I found out

"People change, even Satan used to be an angel"

I put her first & myself last

Everything I desired with her is now in the past

Need to find ways to cope; I don't feel quite the same

I hate doing this but I feel like I'm the one to blame

I become anti-social; I even forget my own name

So I turn to the one thing that gets me the most

Even if I listen too long I won't get burnt like French toast

These sounds make me calm then kind words from a specialist

"You call it music, I call it my therapist"

Miles apart, I'm blind, I can no longer see true

Waves are crashing, the current is strong, just seas of blue

"I know you're gone, but I can still feel you"

Your energy, your love; the vision of you I hold deeply inside

Is life worth living anymore, should I continue this painful ride

I smile and laugh, what I show is fake, the real feelings I hide

I believe there's truth in words

"Everybody has a dark side"

I wrote this because I saw Hayha's post for Writing Prompt #3 & thought it would be fun. Plus, I saw the quotes & they correlate with how I'm feeling so I thought this would be a perfect mix using those quotes from NF & the current feelings of my past I'm dealing with currently. I hope you all enjoy reading this.

I also didn't fully follow the instructions as mentioned. Instead of writing a story/poem on one of the quotes, I made a story with all the quotes included so if this doesn't qualify I completely understand. I still had fun & got to express myself so either way, this was great. Thank you and sorry if this was a tad bit too long.

NF Quotes Used: “I don’t do drugs, I’m addicted to the pain though” “People change, even Satan used to be an angel” “You call it music, I call it my therapist” “I know you’re gone, but I can still feel you” “Everybody has a dark side”

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