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Role Example - different from Role Model

Role Example

I had made a lot of stupid mistake in my life and will probably make more in life.

So I don't consider myself a Role Model... But instead a Role Example.

I am the example of some of the stupid and bad things in life. I made stupid mistake to learn from and is learning to change from.

Just like a math example, you can see the step that lead me to the life I have now. By learning and understanding my wrongdoing they can learn to move past it and not make the same mistake... hopefully.

Some mistake ranging from the stupid to the upmost disgusting.

So when I lecture the young ones I don't tell them to be me or use my good quality to gloat.

Instead I use them as a benchmark that I want them to surpass.

I don't want them to end up like me because that would be the worst. So instead I look at their weak points and hope to make it better.

But still it is hard, because no one is perfect.

Because I know the hardship of my own life, I can only guide them the best that I can. Still there is only so much you can guide them and have to let them live their own life.

So instead of being a role model to them I am a role example. By telling them of my bad quality I hope that they will make better choices in life and someday be role model instead.

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