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My friend

by imgination

The news came, my friend was sick...

It was the beginning of the year, it wasn't the normal new live, new hope. It was my last year with her

After 2 month of being in and out of the hospital I could see that her fight was over.

She made it to the end of the year...

The only reason for that was, she made me a promise, to not leave this world without me.

I had to make a plan to leave, to be able to leave.

So on new years eve I sat with her, she was again in the hospital but she wouldn't make it out this time.

We waited for the fireworks to start...

No person thought this would happen.

By the time they heard the alarm, we were already gone, of to a better place.

They found use in her bed by the window staring into nothingness, our dead bodies entwined.

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