Little Hearts: chapter 2
Little Hearts: chapter 2 mystery2016 stories

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Little Hearts: chapter 2

by imanephraim23

"You know what Bridgette. I need some advice from you. I think.. I think Ashley is having an affair".

-1:30am- Marcus checked his watch. He was drawing umbrellas. Bridgette had stopped painting and was sitting on the table. Then a faint but loud enough thud was heard from upstairs. She looked up.

Marcus stood up suddenly Startling Bridgette. He walked off quickly and headed for the door. "Is everything okay?" Bridgette asked getting off the table. He turned around and said " No stay!"

"I'll go see what's going on" he added. He was quick to leave.

-2:11am- Bridgette picked up her phone. Marcus wasn't back. She headed out the garage and walked upstairs lightly. She tried to listen again. A pulling tape sound emitted from the other side

Then grunts... grunts.. gasps.

*And in other news there HAS BEEN TWO CHARGES...* the sound of the Television went up from Inside the room. Bridgette turned around and headed to the garage.

She stopped in the kitchen instead and grabbed a bottle of water out the fridge. Her thoughts were all over the place trying to figure out what was going on. Something wasn't right.

what affair? Whatever. She went back into she he garage and took pictures of her work with her Canon camera. She went back to her drawing and starred at it for few moments

She saw the bed. It was sketched out properly. The lady, scrolling down her sketched face. Throat gushing out blood. Marcus's words played in her head again. Then she heard a loud thud again.

Her heart followed suit. beating fast. She had to investigate.

She was upstairs again. In her room this time. She had her legs crossed sitting on the bed. New message:


Hey big head I'm up. I have some sneaking to do..

She rested her ears on the door The Television was still on and at a volume that needed good ears to pick up other sounds. For some reason she felt like she was being teased. "Marcus?"

The Television volume went down. "Is everything okay?" Bridgette added. Silence. *I don't know Kim bUT AT THIS POINT ITS* the volume rocked back up.

"Really?" Bridgette whispered She went back into her room. New message:


I'm in my Brother's house and I think something is going on.

3:05 she was still awake using her computer. She closed it and pulled her phone up.. she stood up occasionally and paced. Why did I want to draw s murder scene? She had to figure it out.

4:12 She heard door sounds and sat up on her bed and headed for the door when she heard quick footsteps follow. As she came out Marcus's room door closes. She walks up to it .

Her ear was placed on the door and tried to listen and again it was silen. She puts her hand on the door knob and heart skips when she twists it and it turns all the way.

Her eyes pop open as she pushes the door open slowly.

She wasn't moving Her mouth was covered with duck tape, her neck slit. Deeply slit. Marcus stood beside the body bathed in blood and a knife in his hands starring at the body.

He looked up at Bridgette who was standing with her mouth pouted and tears slithering down her cheeks. He took one step at a time as he walked towards her.

"You killed her!" She screamed.

The end.

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