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Everything But Combed

by imanephraim23

I did come from Pangea But I wasn't no king or nothing

No that's Egyptian's business

I was more from the left side of the map Known as the West. I don't feel like royalty Never wore a crown made of gold and emerald stones.

Still doesn't make me less important. See, cos I have my crown growing out my head There's no better feeling than that right there.

There wasn't no pools in the passage here No crystal chandeliers No blood in the rivers, here.

Just the sand and sea Being as black as can be Regular and happy Thatched roofs and clay pots Giving anything but fucks You see what I'm saying ?

The reality we had was enough, skin rough The women as beautiful as heaven.

If God had a mother You'd find here here on the west side of the map.

If you're coming here you better bring your big ass jar to have it filled with palm wine

You better bring your Ankara And have your Dashiki sewn up. You better expect to see a structure, and tribalism, better not expect Persian rugs my man.

Better expect to pay respect to our home, to the dogs shaking the flies off their open wounded ears

Better expect to see Homosexuality

And if you have time to spare Come check out our spears.

Better expect to respect the women..

I say again

Better expect to respect the women From the one who was born 30 minutes ago To the one who's going to die in 30 minutes

Expect to see diversity in hair. But most of all

Expect to see me in the mud playing with my hair looking everything but combed.


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