Different Houses.
Different Houses. shortfiction2016 stories
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Different Houses.

by imanephraim23

At this time I've been coming alive at night I remember my sister and my cousin and I Played the game of who could stay awake the longest I always lost Or at least that's what they tell me

I stood right in front of them With my face like a pup tilting its head, the shortest. "lost ? I remember seeing you sleep! Yes and you too." I would say. Looking very confused..

They would wake up earlier than I did You see it was their trick to play with my head to think I fell asleep the quickest And they weren't sleeping they were only pretending.

But I could remember staying up late enough to see the stars run along The ceiling and the biggest hawk the world had ever seen pick me up and took me to travel

So very annoying girls, my little brother wasn't as annoying so he was awesome. I read my story books with him And when he fell out the stroller I wished I had stopped it Now he's all grown

But I've been up all night like a bat, see Battling my heart Because I fell to the eye that demanded Actions about the news. They spoke words unheard "He's gay, do SOMETHING!".

I swung at him Yelling as if to remind him of his gender with the words, "You're a boy!" I hit him again as if to slap those words directly in his brains. What did I do ? What have I done

I was scared I'm sorry It's been in my head burning my stomach Can no longer stomach that I was ignorant as a rat living in a church ... He dances in the dark He is black

He's awesome He's my brother And he's healing I love him just the way he is.

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