Craze Man -An Exemplum(4/5)
Craze Man -An Exemplum(4/5) stories
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Craze Man -An Exemplum(4/5)

by imanephraim23

What makes a lunatic tick ?

I think..

Sticks and stones would break my bones

But my blood still runs thick

I think....

A lunatic like me has rarely been seen

I stop and think...

Give me a minute to speak A minute as in a decade times six, I'll take the risk of losing it all to let Yahweh raise my fists

What makes a lunatic tick ?

Is synonymous to why he lives on the street Why his clothes are tacky how they see Him like he's covered in ticks , cos they treat him like a dog, exactly like shit

Called him the word bitch Spat in his face and stepped on his feet He grabs a stick and draws in the sands , shapes, and faces that makes him shine all his teeth

"This one na craze man" "Don't near him" "His evil mind is packed with tricks" He's capable to flip "Him go stone you with bricks" "I swear him no fit, wallahi. "

He walks on and finds a shade And he just sits Touches the bark of the tree Because he sure can hear them speak And he's thankful for the fruits they grow How else would he eat ?

All in all he's alright He's given himself a new name he's happy -- for no reason Cos he has nothing to lose Here you go calling him crazy

"he's crazy, mm-mm fiah! God forbid"

So when you have all your gold thrown in the sea , your money blazing in fire Your boss say "Pack your things you're fired" You'll get a rope and hang by a tree Or do a cartwheel off a bridge

But he'll be smiling at that funny face still And so right before he sleeps he speaks to jah like a priest, cos he's the only one who understands why he put a king in a ditch

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