Craze man - An Exemplun (1/5)
Craze man - An Exemplun (1/5) stories

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Craze man - An Exemplum(1/5)

Craze man - An Exemplun (1/5)

by imanephraim23

Feather light Floating and high as a satellite Dark Saturday night the moon I kicked with my right foot While the wolves recruit It's such a dark night

I'm not even pressed about being conscious that the depression would never end It won't go away even when rapture comes It's like HIV it's my ID I can only contain it And maintain ..

Just till it's faint but faint don't mean dead and dead don't mean there's no resurrection I'll be feeling the breeze from north and west

Where ? In a foreign land Posture structured poorly Morally masking more and more I won't talk audibly My planet Dulla is being bombarded with nuclear bombs and so I can't speak clearly

Inches closer to my heart is the tribe playing my heart like a drum it's a party of black masquerades and a parade of niggas with braids and locks and fros and and more fat lips that not

But trust me I hear you And I'm still smoking cigarettes Just to add more things to the list of regrets Would've written with a billion pens before I repent

Don't sleep on me I'll bring the bench out and sit

What's the sleeping about ? What is your life about ?

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