Craze man - An Exemplum(2/5)
Craze man - An Exemplum(2/5)
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Craze man - An Exemplum(2/5)

Craze man - An Exemplum(2/5)

by imanephraim23


Something like a crab it was It contained electronic components It showed up in my tent uninvited like a pest

And I had the stick to battle Because I had to stick to the battle Stance was perfect knocked it a couple times , battered its sides - its top , missed a couple times

it crawled all over my motherfucking leg !



The thing moved like a crab it wasn't a crab It kept coming back , like my flaws and my guilt and my bills

"Help me mother. The crawling computer keeps coming back ..."

But she stood at the back

Not much help that woman was.

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The intrigue is deepening in this future dystopic series. The twist of homonyms is brilliant. The drama of the "spider/crab" crawling over is frightening and potentially symbolic. I loved it. Great post!! I am on to the next.