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Dennis saw her relationship with Matt as second top priority. Her job was first. A 35 year old workaholic, with weight problems, she had no intentions of murder but her relationship being second top most priority didn't stop her her from being a broad day light cold blooded killer at the expense of her job. Guess it's what love does.


by imanephraim23

Her hair was the type that grew fast. If she left it for 2 weeks it'll grow at least 1 and a half centimeters. Leave it for a month and it'll grow past her shoulders.

She wasn't too keen on having her hair grow past her shoulder So her hair was always trimmed twice a week. By herself. With a scissor. In front of her dressing table mirror.

She scissored it short enough to maintain an Apricot colored bob cut that sometimes weren't even, she wasn't a perfectionist when it came to her Apricot colored, silly textured hair.

She just did not fancy it growing past her shoulders.a habit it had become. Dennis Flowers. Her government name. 35 years old. She's been 30 for the past 5 years

She moved from church to church, she attended a church for approximately 3 months before moving to another congregation. She's also had that habit now for the past 5 years or so as a new member..

She remains 30 years old.

This "church hopping" behavior could be traced back to her parents Anthony Flowers. A young man of Italian decent, successful in his hometown of Venice as a writer

And owning a newspaper company, had visited Chicago, IL on a project to speak about entrepreneurship to college students. On his last stop to Pritzker School of Medicine, he found Amira Bhabra.

They had a boy a year after and a baby girl 3 years after. Both Amira and Anthony believed in different faiths. They let the kids know about each one. This week the cathedral next week the mosque

And just like all of her current habits, they all could be traced to her childhood. She attended Sunday school. She was at one on this day .

Gathered alongside her was Jane Crood Walter Stewart Patrick clover Michael khan(husband)

Topic was Feeding the Earth Global warming warnings "What if your husband is cheating on you ?" Said the voice. Just loud enough. You heard a loud rumble

It was Patrick's stomach When he realized the voice That came with a grinning face, reddish soaked eyes. Blank. Was his wife sitting on his right side

Everyone's heart started beating. Silence. Patrick started Scrambling for words like a thief with no weapons "EH.. haha, why. Uh why did you say that swee. Sweety ?"

She stood up and left.

Patrick was cheating. With xainab Jesuyemi Who had a boyfriend also that everyone knew In a office where Amira Was the manager A call center

Amira came in his office Stood in front of him He gave her a stare She dropped her purse Right off the bat starts un buttoning her shirt Her shoulders revealed. The bra straps.

"What are you doing" Clothes kept coming off Bra Skirt "Touch me like you touched her here," she said He asked "I don't think I'm worthy." She stood there and smiled

She squatted to her purse And brought a gun out She pointed it at him His eyes popped open She shot it almost as quickly as he spotted it She opened the doors Walked down the hall

To the floor where employees were She knew where Xainab sat And also joseph She walked, skipped, then sprints You could hear gasps From the mouth that spotted a rare side show at work

"She has a gun!" A voice said Then the show had turned sour He had his earphones on and he always listened to Ambient music while he worked. Just looking at the screen swinging his head

Lightly to the rhythm He suddenly heard panting Like someone who had been running. A lot. He lifts his eyes up a Little

He caught her empty face, Sprinting legs, topless . He processed it faster than he could say his last words -what the fu- She shot him.

Joseph slid off the chair. Earphones still stuck in his ears. Music still playing. It was screaming on screaming.

"Why did you shoot Mr Joseph Khan?" "Everything happens for a reason. I'm cold. But my heart was colder. I feel. But my feelings were hurt. I killed him because men are dogs,

to answer your obvious question. And also the pretty dark beauty was not working that glorious day. Your honor."

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