Here to rant.
Here to rant. pieceofadvice stories

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Hey, this is just me ranting about stuff...
I don't know what more to say except making myself look as if I'm trying to persuade someone to be happy.
And tbh if you're not happy then it's okay.
It's okay to feel different kind of emotions.
I know sometimes you'll feel like at the top of the world and other days you'll just feel like trying to numb the pain away.
I'm sorry it's just my depression is getting worse...

Here to rant.

This is not a story but I'm just here to rant. And to be honest it's normal we all have that kind of day where we feel like useless person.

But no. We shouldn't feel like that. I shouldn't feel like that. Everyone is going through somethings. And we usually don't talk about it all the time but we are going through upS and downs.

I wish all we had was happiness in this world. But we have to deal with shit...where sometimes we feel like giving up or crying until no tears are left or just sit in darkness and show we don't care even if we do.

And it's okay. It's okay to feel sad, nervous, distracted, happy, high, passionate, love, hate, extremely excited... Be happy and feel proud for what you're doing for yourself and for others.

And that's all I'll say. Because to be honest i have nothing to say. And it's okay. You are okay. We are okay.

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