"A letter to me."
"A letter to me."
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"A letter to me."

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A thought occured in my 25 year old self. 'If I could write a letter to my 15 year old self or may be go back to my past and correct some mistakes then what would I write or what would I correct?'

"Hmm..." May be I would love to give the retest of biology in which I got less marks and mom shouted at me because of it?

May be I would advice my 15year old self to calm down and stop myself everytime I was to shout at anyone. May be I would write myself to stop giving up at hard times and remind myself that future hold something good.

Or may be I would go back and tell myself to stop falling for that bad boy who I happens to hate also, it was complicated. And tell myself to have some guts to confess my love for him.

Or I would tell-no order myself-to stop eating Cheetos and study more!

Would tell myself to stop rolling my eyes at what Miss. Kyle would advice us teenagers at that time because she was always right in every aspect of life and whatever she adviced.

But going back and reminding about those mistakes doesn't interest me anymore. I would make the same mistakes in order to get here. The same mistakes that I used to regret but am proud of now because where I stand.

Thanks fo reading. I hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day.

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