Fun and Defeat
Fun and Defeat technology stories
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Turning a hobby into a nightmare.

Fun and Defeat

I wanted to make toys, but they thought I was dangerous. I never had the right parts for my block creations. Something special was always missing.

I learned you create, or "print", these parts on your own. It was a mystery to me.

After days of research, I figured out what I needed. I ordered the parts, downloaded plans and talked in forums.

I was excited. Until the police came. A pattern of activity had been detected. They accused me of producing illegal implements.

They took my printer. They took my materials. They took my files. They took everything. They dragged me before a court and took my freedom, my friends, my job, my life.

Ten years later I am "free". I buy everything again. I still want my special bricks.

But I feel defeated, sapped of my joy. I download alternate plans.

I print a gun.

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