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imaginarywriterKill all problems with a smile 😊♑14
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It may be difficult but it would be worth it 😊 Stay strong. Good things are about to come.

Once this heart muttered a lot. With me now it doesn't even talks.

I said: '' Hey! Look at that guy he's hot''. but heart of mine remained silent and started to rot.

I hurt myself hoping this time again it would scream but this heart was smiling at me

To wizard with a broken heart I went..............

I asked him : ''How to a broken heart I can mend ? In reply to me it said: ''Again give it back to the one who broke your heart my friend, for these broken pieces of your heart still loves him in the end''.

Things go wrong and the person you loved the most would be the same person who will hurt you the most and this is how life works.

I know you have spent many years. Have been through a lot

And things go wrong and you should never give up until You started to feel being disrespected

It would be hard to let go but you would move on, the very first day you would wake up from his/her world and would know your worth.

We all are birds who come back to our cages in the end of day

If he/she is not coming back to the cage then accept it he/she is in someone's else cage now.

Be patient For some other bird is making way to your cage.

It may take that bird time he/she is going through mountains,snow and much for you.

So till then wait for that bird in your cage and don't let crows to get inside your cage

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