Green carpet
Green carpet nature stories
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imaginarywriter Perfect series Part 7 🀚
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Look around no on ones there I started to hop and all of sudden my friend came from nowhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚It happens with me a lot 🀭

Green carpet

After all the tales I narrated to trees,listening the hisses of those bees I felt contented, I felt complete.

A green luxurious carpet underneath my feet everyday for water it weeps

Started to hear beautiful symphony composed by a humming bird, I looked up and saw a nest of two loving doves

All those butterflies play hide and seek, from me they hide to catch them I try

Want to collect all ladybugs in my jar whole day I spend in the park.

Oh! Dusk came, for me there are people who waits I will come next day till then take care ''For some people are destroying you day by day''.

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