Dear Past Rosey......
Dear Past Rosey...... sad stories

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I wanted to write but i was not in mood of opening dictionary 😂so i come up with something new

Dear Past Rosey......

Hey you, the Past Rosey, Please be quiet!! All the tears you are shedding will make an ocean You will drown all demons in it

Hey don't cry! everything will be fine I promise you

Loot at me!! How confident you would be in coming years

Stop saying you are fine!! I know bathroom is your secret world where you become; YOU

Only I know your secret past rosey, You cry in rain mixing up all your tears making it invisible to the world

Don't cut, your body is not a paper

Please stop!! It will be fine see.......

All your late night chats with your pillow talking about him

Past Rosey: Peter😊😌?? Future rosey tell me did he come back??

Rosey: Yeah he came back to give one more luggage that he forgot to give on the day of departure

Past Rosey: What was in it ??!!

Rosey: ''Your death certificate''

Past Rosey : Am I going to die? I haven't held his hand, watch the sunsets with him, gave him tight hugs in cold & food which would make him say: please!! more

Rosey: After this month you'll die and a new version of rosey would step into this world

Past Rosey: Oh! so you are the new version of me tell me about yourself

Rosey: You would stand up for women tell them they are beautiful that they don't need a boy's clarification on how they look

Your scars on arms will narrate the stories of your struggles

Your poetry won't make them cry anymore it would make them think once more about their lives

Past Rosey : Are you now married with him??

Rosey: This is what I am trying to ask from future Rosey

To be continue......

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