''Commaful Talk Show'' with @sassmyass1, @craig_tucker @imaginarywriter
''Commaful Talk Show''
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It's a quick collab I blew my own trumpet in it though ๐Ÿ˜‚dm me if u want me to make ya part of my next show

''Commaful Talk Show'' with @sassmyass1, @craig_tucker @imaginarywriter

Director: @imaginarywriter Hisham: @sassmyass1 Craig: craig_tucker

Hey you are watching ''Commful Talk Show'' It's Craig, your talented host

Oh wait!! I'm here too, my hair dresser is slow like a snail Craig: Oh,Hisham you are always late Hisham: Won't you introduce me? Craig: I only except noodles for introduction

Hisham: Ok fine, here you go

Craig: It was tasty!!Anyways Meet Hisham,co host of Commaful Talk Show

Craig: We've a special guest tonight Hisham: She is hilarious, most people say........

She is superwoman making sure no girl is being mistreated

Most people treat her like a child as she is 14 years old She makes @goldenratio0618 think about spaghetti house @winterheart is her sister @ryaaa3 her best friend @johnjayson14 her brother @in her trainer and much more to know so please welcome @imaginarywriter

@imaginarywriter,Rosey: The youngest commaful star who gained more than 1000 followers in 7 months!! and has been given award of ''Creator of the week'' Tonight we will break the stereotype

So let's start it off

Craig: Whenever you are home alone, Hisham: Oh!the movie home alone Craig: Is that really funny, director we need a hilarious sound effect to cover it up

Clarig : So back to the question, Whenever you are home alone what do you usually do that will piss off your parents when they get home?

i secretly get the cat inside the house and it pees all along on carpet i wash it anyways. i don't have problem with it but my mom thinks i am not a human she starts to freak out

Hishman: Rosey, Kaite_campbell got into a fight with @_luna_ Kaite thought u were her best friend while _luna_ thought you can't admire anyone except luna so, Who is actually the most interesting person on commaful?

It's @raven1109 who was about to send me thank you parcel from Fallopian for helping him out with poetry no one ever parceled me a gift from that much far but i said no coz my mom would kill me idk why she is jealous of me ๐Ÿ˜‚

Craig: What is your main hobby? Like, what is your main go to whenever youre bored? Personally I draw or write. What do you usually do?

I prefer to tease my teacher it makes me happy (I love you my teacher ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Craig: Haha! True, so true! So......what do you do in your free time at home? Any favorite things to do in your free time?

I prefer to talk to myself it gives me satisfaction

Hishman: Hello!It's hishman speaking Phone: ARE YOU FREAKING COMING HOME DO YOU WANNA SLEEP WITH STREET DOGS? Hishman: Opps my wife is missing๐Ÿ˜… me I have to go byee

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