Almond Brown Eyes
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My first shot for a book while reading this book i came up with this story

Almond Brown Eyes

Prince charming took her to a majestic world......... Lisa flipped the page those two words ''The End'' made her crave for more

Ryaaa: Lisa!!Stop reading romantic novels (ryaaa bashed her book on floor). You know what,my boyfriend gave me a ring!!

Lisa felt more alone Ryaaa's words kept on playing in her mind like a caccete she tried to pause but it replayed all night

She searched for her soulmate; trying to rewrite the stars all along Stars were connected to Lisa, they made her calm soon all the tenderness was snatched away by Sun

She sipped the coffee swiftly and mildly just the way prince charming kissed his admirer Lisa never knew the coffee would hold her back to the novel which plummet her into a black hole

Soon she was awaken from her deep thoughts ''Lisa!! What are you doing on roof? Don't you have to appear in state exams? '' Her mom clamored ''Oof yes mom I'm dying to appear in state exams'', Lisa mumbled

While everyone was attempting exams Lisa was sketching portrait of her Prince charming Messy dark black hair , Almond eyes showing a world She was staring at his eyes as she was been hypnotized Again Lisa was woken up from her fantasy

Lisa it is not art's room!! Mrs.Elizabeth yelled Lisa started to request the stars for help. BOOM! All of a sudden bell started to ring Mrs. Elizabeth started to collect exams For the first time universe was in Lisa's favor

She bunked from school as seeing Ryaaa and her boyfriend embracing each other made her more unwanted

She took the second shift; all along Lisa was memorizing each dialogue of engrossing novel AGAIN!! She was erupted Hello! May I sit next to you? Lisa nodded her head not bothering to notice who the person is

Nice book! I wrote it he said His six words stroked into her ears the book seemed a curtain she pulled away the book from her face revealing a perfect craft

Only one glimpse at him hypnotized her Oh!! those Almond brown eyes giving her reminiscences of the portrait she sketched back in high school

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