A Lost Hope( Part 4)
A Lost Hope( Part 4) music stories

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A Lost Hope( Part 4)

A song we all compose each and every day. Some songs become dear to us,we make them a part of us.

We save them in a cassette and replay it with every breath of ours.

Most of us don't replay the songs that we want.......

The people whisper in our ears sending strange melodies, those lyrics they whisper is always the same:'' YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING''🎵

These shrill lyrics echoes in our brains. In a cassette automatically they become saved.This becomes the song we replay each and every day.

We all are writers,we all are narrator of our story,you are, embodiment of your dreams then why do you let others to compose the song that you don't need?

Let us break those cassettes and compose the song of our dreams where there would not be a lyric which states: '' THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN'T BE''🎵

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