A Lost Hope ( Part #5)
A Lost Hope ( Part #5) hope stories

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@goldenratio0618 thanks for showing interest towards collabrating with me it was fun though😄

A Lost Hope ( Part #5)

You sleep in the end throwing all the time tables in the bin because you want to escape reality

Ever had to struggle with the thought why your existence appears to be meaningless? No matter what happens, either you suffer through a lot of harm at some point and you feel worthless. Or else you are worn out and tired of living on

Most of the people hate reality. They don't even accept it. People remind us that we are ordinary. They are right – We all are ORDINARY, until we start doing what makes us EXTRAORDINARY

What makes me sad and feel lost the most is that somehow I accepted it to be that way and it breaks me apart But then at the same time I feel safe and the pieces come back together and I am able to heal

Still, something remains awfully wrong.....

It seems like , I'm a twisted mess of former lives and certain futures, melded in a mind which is unable to bear it and stops working properly – like a computer infested with a virus.

Change may disturb your life but staying at a pivot point for eternity will destroy your life If we won't wake up and change our lives we won't be able to run the world.......... this world will then gonna run us .

Ever felt so powerless and out of control?

Your will to fight is what counts and by never giving up you won't get lost, you'll be remembered, inspire others, give them hope, and one day you'll be able to change fate, even if it would take a thousand tries, you'll bring a change

We all are superheros as we all have some powers not like Superman has .We all have different kind of powers We can use our powers to create a difference. Some have the power named ''kindness''. See : We all have been lied that superheroes don't exist.

It is not about going through life. It is all about growing through life, beautifully said by a writer. See: I don't know who the writer is. I didn't even see him. But a lot of people know his work. The thing which people will remember won't be clothes, your skin. What they will remember is your work.

(You are at war and wars aren't waged by a single one) You see: You don't even have to go through this on your own

And even if it is hard

And even if it is hard - We have to remember ourselves of our past - We should think about our future - But you should live in the present

(Time is now. And now it's time

(Time is now. And now it's time to fight and change.)

Now here's a song for you: Never Give Up On Your Dreams by Two Steps From Hell (Link in the description)

''Haven't I heard that song before?'' What if? It's still worth listening to it

Keep on fighting. And all the best to you

(Always be faithful.

(Always be faithful. Never give up.

(Always be faithful. Never give up. Your life has meaning)


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