Nothing dude! I'm just FUSTRATED

iluvbooksA K-POP , FAN!!!
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Nothing dude! I'm just FUSTRATED

by iluvbooks(SHRAVYA)

Mental Stress-is also a fustration

Listening to calm music or doing meditation can relive one's mental stress . It calms all the nerves leading to every cell in the body.

NO EXERCISE , MORE STRESS (and it also cause frustration!)

Exercise is compulsory for every living creature . It helps in circulation of blood through out the body which indirectly also relaxes mental stress and gives us a path for clear thinking.

Enjoy the life to the fullest!

We get frustrated to many things around us , but we are also blessed with the capability of overcoming the frustration.But don't you think- even a happy life is also frustrating?

Get up early!!!

Is also frustrating!!!

As a human we get upset and frustrated to every thing!

You see it burns us madly and we see the different shade in us!!!

Thank You!

Type your comments on how you feel about this slide show! I'll read all your frustrations till I get frustrated . Hope you liked it and if any mistakes please let me know! TODDLE!

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