Call me Shravya.

iluvbooksA K-POP , FAN!!!
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Call me Shravya.

My Day Begins.....

My day begins with many thoughts . Rushing through the time I run for my college trying to be on time but I end up being 5 minutes late. Well, yes that's approximate you see .

I'm a Student

I am doing engineering and my majors are computer science. I miss everything just by one. Well, for me that sounds absolutely frustrating. Loves Mom's packed food a LOT! and also canteen's.

My Ambitions

Apart from my Ideologies and Anxieties I have big-big ambitions.Lets see, how my life's road gonna be with up's and down's. I feel,Smother the road, harder to face the difficulties.

Deepest in work!

Yup! I'm workaholic and once I concentrate on any work I just dive deep into it until its finished!

let's get going !

We need to get along a community. Welcome to my PROFILE SLIDE. lets be friends . discuss new topics and help each other to grow each other's knowledge.

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welcome :D good to see you on here!

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welcome welcome!!!

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I'm also always late to class haha. welcome!

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Welcome!!! What have you learned as a cs major 😀